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Miniature Painting Workshop

“Its the little details that are vital. Little things make BIG things happen.” John wooden

Miniature painting gives novice and experts alike a chance to experience painting without the stress and constrain of fear. "Bigger is not always better"

Beginners are often daunted by the jarring scale of a traditional canvas size, having a smaller space to work with means having a better grasp with the overall detail.In this workshop we will be covering the basics of painting with acrylic, With its fast drying time and flexibility, acrylic makes for a great medium to work with.


Workshop Brief

At the workshop, we cultivate a good balance between technicality and creative expression.
Breaking down traditional methods into accessible steps, we aim to give participants the skills and tools to paint with Confidence.
Together with an instructor, we will be guiding you closely to achieve your own Miniature Painting!

Materials Provided

· 1 X Miniature Canvas (8X8 Inches)

· Acrylic Paint & Brushes

· References & Inspiration folder

Workshop Outline

· Learn traditional methods of painting in an accessible scale.

· Personalize your own Painting, Make it a gift!

· Create your own Miniature Gallery.

· Great for all levels of interest.

Terms & Condition

· Workshop will run for 2 hours.

· Tickets are Transferable

*Do Indicate name of Original Attendee

· *Class will only commence with 4 participants or More

Sun Jul 17, 2016
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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47a dunlop street Singapore Singapore
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